Houston Sexual Assault Lawyer

Any time someone is subjected to any form of unwanted sexual penetration, they have been victimized through sexual assault. It is important to notice that this legal term does not recognize the length of time the assault took place, if violence occurred or what part of the body was penetrated. This means that a number of crimes that would technically not fall under the definition of rape are still charged at the same level of criminal activity. These are very serious charges and always require the skilled expertise of a top Houston criminal attorney.

While sexual assault is a less emotionally-charged term than rape, it still describes a heinous act and those accused of the crime often face highly biased juries at trial. Your Houston criminal lawyer will need to remind the jury that sometimes alleged victims have reasons to lie, whether it be out of embarrassment, intimidation, fear or as a means to punish an innocent person. False rape accusations are unfortunately common in our society and it is critical that your attorney remind the court just how devastating a sexual assault conviction can be for an innocent person.

It is important you realize what can and cannot be used as a defense in these types of cases, which is why it is important that you refuse to speak to investigators until you first talk with a Houston criminal attorney who has your interests in mind. If you argue that the victim didn’t say no, you may actually be hurting your case more than helping it. If the victim is legally considered to be unable to consent because he or she is underage, intoxicated, unconscious or mentally deficient, you can still be found guilty of sexual assault even if the victim seemed willing at the time.

If you are convicted of this serious felony, you could face up to twenty years in prison. After you are released, you will still be subjected to the serious consequences associated with being labeled a sex offender, including public stigmatization, yearly reports to the sheriff and continual embarrassment when you seek housing or employment. The only way to properly defend yourself against these accusations is with a Houston criminal lawyer from The Law Office of J. Michael Threadgill.