Houston Child Pornography Defense Attorney

Being charged for a sex crime involving child pornography is incredibly serious.  If you or someone you love is facing such a charge please contact the law office of the Houston Criminal Lawyer as soon as possible.  

You can be charged for the possession or promotion of child pornography under any of the following circumstances:

The Texas State Penal Code defines visual material as any type of file, image, disk, DVD, etc.  A person who is found to be in possession of six or more identical visual depictions of a child as described above is presumed to possess the material with the intent to promote the material---which means that you could potentially be charged with proliferation as well as possession.  This crime is a felony in the second degree and will result in a prison sentence.

The Houston Criminal Lawyer is an experienced Houston sex crimes lawyer that has a proven record of success.  Even if you are innocent, you should take action to ensure that your case is presented and evaluated fairly in trial. An experienced Houston sex crime lawyer that handles sex crime cases can aide in protecting your rights and creating a defense strategy.

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