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Houston Prostitution Lawyer

Because prostitution is considered to be a victimless crime of desperation, many people believe they cannot face serious penalties if they are caught in the act. While first time charges will not leave you with prison time, there are still a number of serious consequences for those convicted of the crime and if you are arrested on a repeat offense, your punishments will only go up from there. If you have been accused of prostitution, please call a Houston criminal lawyer from The Law Office of A Houston Criminal Defender.

On your first charge of prostitution, you will be facing misdemeanor charges, punishable by probation, community service, fines and vehicle forfeiture. After the first conviction, you will face jail time that will increase exponentially for every conviction secured against you. If you want to fight these serious punishments, your only chance is by working with a top Houston criminal attorney.

Our Houston Criminal Attorney Will Fight Related Charges

Many people charged with prostitution will also face drug charges, pandering accusations and loitering charges. This way, even if one charge doesn’t stick, you may still be found guilty of another. Your Houston criminal lawyer can help you fight all related charges to ensure you escape all penalties and keep the acts off of your criminal record. If the charges are put on your record, you may find it difficult to secure housing and employment in the future as the conviction haunts you wherever you go.

Prostitution charges are often subject to sting operations, which may mean you were subject to illegal entrapment or illegal searches. If your Houston criminal attorney can prove your rights were violated, he may be able to get evidence against you suppressed or have the charges dropped all together. If you have any questions, please call our offices as soon as possible.