Houston Sex Crime Lawyer

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Being faced with charges of a sex crime in Houston can be not only embarrassing but life devastating. Police officers can file sex crime charges based merely on accusation. If you are not guilty you should see a Houston sex crime lawyer to protect your rights and fight to have the charges dropped. If you are guilty you should still consult a Houston criminal lawyer to possibly have the penalties and fines reduced.

There are specific sex crimes defined under the Texas penal code that a TX sex crimes defense attorney can help you with and these include:

Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction in Texas

Depending on the sex charge for which you are convicted, you could face up to a lifetime prison sentence. If you do not receive a lifetime prison sentence, you will have a lifetime registration as a sex offender after you are released. This registration can affect many aspects of your life including your employment, your relationships and may destroy many other potential opportunities for you. Even if you are innocent, you should take action to ensure that your case is presented and evaluated fairly in trial. An experienced Houston sex crime lawyer that handles sex crime cases can aide in protecting your rights and creating a defense strategy.

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