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Drug Possession Lawyer in Houston, Texas

As a border state, Texas is one of the epicenters of illegal drug importation. For this reason, the state has some of the strictest drug laws in the nation, even when it comes to the drug users who fuel the demand for these illicit substances. Although possession is less serious than most other drug crimes, those convicted may still be sent to prison and be forced to pay massive fines. If you have been accused of drug possession, it is critical you speak with a Houston criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Drug Crime - Substance and Quantity

Depending on the substance you were arrested with and the quantity, you may be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. The sentences can vary sharply based on these two factors as well, which is why your Houston criminal lawyer may advise you to seek a plea bargain for the next lowest quantity of the drug in question rather than having you plead innocence. In certain cases, you may have enough of the drug to qualify for trafficking charges, which could lead to life imprisonment. That is why your attorney will always base your defense on your specific circumstances in order to ensure your receive the minimum possible sentence for the crime you have been charged with.

Marijuana is the only drug that can result in misdemeanor possession charges. While the drug is not considered to be as dangerous as other illegal substances, those arrested with the drug still often end up in jail for up to a year. Possession of large quantities of marijuana can even lead you to be charged with a felony. This is why all drug possession charges, even those that seem minor, require the expertise of a skilled Houston criminal lawyer.

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