Houston Records Sealing Attorney

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Being convicted of a crime results in not only criminal penalties, but a public criminal record as well.  If an employer, a university, or even someone you’re dating runs a basic background check on you, they will be able to see your criminal conviction.

In Houston, convicted offenders of certain crimes may be able to have their records sealed in order to protect their reputations.  If you are interested in records sealing, please contact our firm today to hear more about this process from a Houston criminal attorney.

Crimes eligible for immediate records sealing must be minor misdemeanors, such as:

Other more serious misdemeanor crimes will be eligible for records sealing after a 2-year waiting period.  Such crimes include:

Certain felony crimes are also eligible for records sealing after 5 years, with notable exceptions being sex crimes and crimes that involve extreme violence.  If you have questions about potentially requesting a records sealing in your case, please contact our office for a free case evaluation with a Houston criminal attorney.