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Criminal Mischief Defense Attorney in Houston, Texas

Graffiti and vandalism, collectively charged as criminal mischief, cost the city millions of dollars every year. While vandalism of any kind is a crime, in Texas, these minor property crimes can easily become felonies. If the amount of damage done to a property is over $1,500, you may find yourself in hot water. If you or your child has been accused of criminal mischief, please contact a Houston criminal attorney as soon as possible.

While most people believe these acts are mostly performed by minors, there are many adult offenders who commit these crimes as well. While juveniles are more likely to spray paint a neighborhood fence, adults are far more likely to break the window of someone they are angry at or to damage an ex’s car in a moment of rage. Any of these types of property crimes are considered criminal mischief, and those performed by adults tend to cost more money to repair. If the damage done to a victim’s property is right around $1,500, your Houston criminal mischief lawyer may be able to show the damage is just under this critical dollar value, or he may be able to negotiate a plea bargain to ensure the charges are misdemeanors.

In many cases, your Houston criminal attorney may be able to work with the property owner to get them to drop charges against you in exchange for your willingness to fix the damage you or your child caused. This is one of the easiest solutions available in these cases, but it is not always possible. That is why it is so critical to always work with an excellent defense lawyer in Texas to ensure that whether the property owner drops the charges or not, you will get the criminal defense representation you deserve.

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