Houston Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence crimes are complicated, emotionally-charged situations. Domestic violence may include assault and battery, stalking, phone or e-mail harassment, and domestic homicide. An experienced Houston domestic violence lawyer can help to make the process of prosecution and trial smoother and less burdensome for the defendant.

In the past, spouses used to have the capability to drop the charges if they changed their mind. However, nowadays the prosecution will not cease regardless of the spouse’s cooperation. This legal process developed out of the need to protect spouses from receiving ultimatum threats to drop the charges. Although this need is understandable, it does not leave room for false allegations to be dropped. All it takes is a claim by the spouse to make the charges and then the criminal process is on its way with nothing to stop it. In some situations, a spouse or family member calls the police calls simply in order to gain control in a family situation. Even if the spouse or person who made the call to the police does not want to press criminal charges, the prosecution will continue. It is only the State that can choose to drop criminal charges in domestic violence cases.

A Houston Criminal Attorney Can Help You Resolve the Charges

If you are arrested for domestic violence you may face a no-contact restraining order that prevents you from communicating with your spouse. This will prevent you from discussing matters any further than when you were arrested. This can make things difficult because you may feel constrained by the inability to communicate with your spouse. Perhaps you don’t understand the circumstance you’re in or how you got there exactly but a Houston domestic violence lawyer can help you to sort everything out.

For a first offense the penalty can be up to one year in jail. In the case of a second offense, you will be charged with a felony and spend some years in a Texas State prison.

In order to secure a strong defense, you should contact a Houston criminal attorney that has successfully handled many domestic violence cases in Houston and surrounding Texas areas. We have the experience and skills to aggressively defend your rights in front of a judge and jury in any Texas court. Contact us now for a FREE initial consultation with a Houston criminal lawyer. Find out how we can help you resolve your domestic violence charges as quickly and as effectively as possible.