Houston DWI Attorney

Facing DWI charges in Texas is a somber experience. DWI is not merely a traffic violation; it is classified as a criminal offense in Houston, Texas. Conviction results in large fines, license suspension, a permanent mark on your criminal record and potentially jail time. These penalties can affect every aspect of your life from your job to family life and finances. It is essential to consult a Houston DWI attorney who handles DWI cases to provide TX drunk driving defense.

If you were caught driving with a blood alcohol content above the legal limit of 0.08% you face DWI charges and have to find a weakness in the prosecutions claims against you in order to have the case dismissed and retain your driving privileges. Aspects of your arrest such as your roadside field sobriety test, a breath or blood test may be used as evidence against you. However the accuracy of these tests is questionable and it is possible to have this evidence excluded in court. A knowledgeable Houston DWI attorney knows that field sobriety tests are not 100% accurate in determining whether someone is intoxicated and there are several factors that can interfere with the accuracy of the breath test. Also, if the person operating the breath test device did not have a current license then this may cause the breath test to be excluded as evidence in a DWI trial.

Our DWI Lawyer Will Challenge the Evidence

The reliability of breath tests have often been challenged in the courts. There is the possibility that the machine was not calibrated properly, the person administered it improperly or other factors influenced the sample. If you had a blood sample taken it should be checked if there was no alcohol swab involved in the process. This could have influenced the sample results as well. If you are convicted, a skillful Houston criminal attorney that specializes in DWI cases may be able to convince the judge to minimize your penalties and even get you a provisional driver’s license.

At The Law Offices of DWI defense lawyer we aggressively represent clients who have been charged with a DWI in Houston and surrounding Texas areas. We have the experience to successfully litigate your DWI case in a court of law and possibly have the charges against you dropped or even minimized. Contact our Law Offices to find out how a DWI lawyer can help you. We offer FREE no obligation consultations with a skilled DWI defense lawyer in Houston, Texas that handles DWI cases.