Houston Juvenile Crime Attorney

Texas considers Juvenile crimes in Houston to be those crimes committed by persons at least 10 years of age and under the age of 17. There are also certain situations where a defendant who is between 17 and 18 will be tried in a juvenile court and will need the help of a Houston juvenile crime attorney. Juvenile crimes include drug possession, sex crimes, vandalism, trespassing and underage drinking. However, there is a possibility that they will be tried in an adult court if the crime was extremely serious. In an adult court, they will be judged as an adult and will not have the same protections as a juvenile. Juveniles are tried in either Juvenile District or County Courts. Juveniles are released from county or state custody based upon their case circumstances. Bail or bond is not an option. The severity of the punishment will be based upon the “sanction level guidelines.” Juveniles may receive a sentence to go to a juvenile detention center until they reach age 17 when they will be transferred to adult prison.

When parents are summoned to court, they are often unsure of what to do, what action they should take in this situation. Police or court officials may have informed them that they don’t need a criminal attorney. However, there is no minor criminal case and it is important that you have a Houston juvenile crime attorney advising you and aggressively defending your child.

Consult a Houston Criminal Lawyer Experienced in Juvenile Crime Defense

You should contact a Houston juvenile crime lawyer experienced in dealing with juvenile cases in order to get the best defense and ensure that the process is as quick as possible. Juveniles are particularly impressionable at this time in their life. It is important to get them through this ordeal without destroying their sense of self and dignity. Their education may also suffer if the trial process involves an extended period of time. Even before they are convicted, the juvenile may face disciplinary consequences at school. It is possible that the school district may require the individual go to an alternative school for some time.

Their whole future will be impacted by this experience of going to trial and facing criminal charges. Make sure to get a lawyer for juvenile crimes defense in Houston, TX that will protect your rights and make the process as efficient as possible. Contact the Law Offices of Houston criminal attorney to schedule a FREE consultation with a juvenile crime lawyer immediately. Lawyer for juvenile crimes defense can successfully litigate your case in a court of law and have your life back to normal.