Houston Assault and Battery Defense Attorney

Assault and battery used to mean two different things: assault meant that you had expressed the intent to physically harm someone and battery meant you had inflicted physical harm on another. Now the term is used generally to refer to the intent and or action of physically harming another individual. Situations involving assault & battery are always sensitive and difficult to deal with. Whether you are guilty of such a crime or not, the circumstances and aftermath of dealing with an assault and battery charge can cause much mental stress and discomfort. An experienced Houston assault and battery defense attorney can help you by sharing the burden and doing everything possible to create an effective defense.

If you have been charged with assault & battery, you face penalties such as jail time, probation, providing monetary compensation to the victim and fines. The severity of punishment depends on factors such as:

Our Houston Criminal Attorney Will Emphasize Points that Improve Your Case

These factors and others will be what the judge examines in court to evaluate the severity of your crime and if you are convicted your sentence will correspond. An effective Houston assault and battery defense attorney can skillfully emphasize certain points to influence the judge’s impression of you. The trial process can be complicated and stressful but with an experienced Houston assault and battery defense lawyer aiding you, it becomes a more streamlined process. The legal advice and in-trial defense of a good lawyer for assault and battery charges in Houston, TX is indispensible for anyone facing criminal charges.

If you have been charged with assault and battery you should contact an experienced Houston criminal lawyer for a FREE consultation and find out how we can help resolve your assault and battery charges. The Criminal Defense Law Group handles cases in Houston, Texas and any of the surrounding Texas communities.