Houston Identity Theft Attorney

Identity theft is a continuously growing segment of American crime.  Every year, thousands of citizens have their identities stolen in some manner. As a result, both local and federal authorities have increased their prosecution of identity theft crimes as well as the punishment identity thieves face.

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An identity theft crime could take any number of forms from fraud to internet hacking.   Stealing someone’s driver’s license is a form of identity theft.  Hacking into someone’s Facebook account or Email account and posing as them is a form of identity theft.
One of the most extreme forms of identity theft is using a false social security number to open up accounts such as credit cards or getting a loan in someone else’s name.  Any one of these crimes could get you into serious trouble with the law.

The consequences for identity theft depend greatly on the details of the case.  If you are charged with only a misdemeanor crime, you may have to face a period of probation, a fine, and perhaps restitution.  But if your crime is deemed worthy of a felony charge, you could find yourself in state or federal prison.

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