Houston Criminal Lawyer: Felonies

Felony Crimes Defense Attorney in Houston, Texas

Felonies are the most serious of crimes in Houston and conviction means serious consequences. The record of a felony conviction is permanent and has many ramifications for an individual’s relationship with society. The label “felon” can make it difficult to find employment, find housing, receive government assistance or obtain higher education. After a felony conviction in Houston, you no longer retain the same rights in society and it can be very challenging to adapt to life that is hindered by your past. It is essential to find a Houston felony crime lawyer that has experience handling felony cases that you can trust and rely on in order to fight felony charges. Only a skillful Houston felony crime lawyer can aid in creating a strong, aggressive defense against such charges.

Some felonies we defend against include:

These felonies carry quite a bit of weight and you should do everything you can to make sure you have a strong defense against them. An experienced felony crimes defense attorney in Houston, Texas can craft a strong defense and will attempt to secure the best outcome possible. Although no lawyer can promise you’ll be acquitted of the charges, an experienced Houston criminal attorney will tell you that they have the ability to put up a strong fight against the charges.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a felony crime in Houston contact felony crimes defense attorney in Houston, Texas from our law firm so we can effectively litigate your case in a court of law. We represent clients arrested for felony crime charges in Houston and various other surrounding communities. We offer FREE no obligation consultations with an aggressive and dedicated Houston criminal lawyer. Call today to find out how we can help you resolve your legal issues.