Houston Drug Trafficking Attorney

Lawyer for Drug Trafficking Crimes in Houston, TX

While other states consider trafficking and manufacturing to be two separate criminal offenses, Texas charges them both as possession of controlled substances with intent to deliver. This means that whether you were caught with a large amount of heroin in your truck or with a methamphetamine lab in your basement, you will be facing the same criminal charges and penalties. This charge is very serious and always requires the skills of a top Houston criminal attorney.

Depending on the type of substance involved, you could face varying penalties, all the way up to life imprisonment with no opportunity for parole. The most serious types of possession of controlled substances with intent to deliver charges are those that involve more than 400 grams of any drug listed under penalty group A. This drug category includes cocaine, GHB, opiates, methamphetamines, rohypnol, and ketamine. The minimum sentencing for this crime is 15 years imprisonment, which is why it is so crucial for anyone accused of this crime to always work with a top Houston criminal lawyer.

Depending on your circumstances, your lawyer may recommend you fight the charges or negotiate a plea bargain. If the police violated any of your constitutional rights, we will attempt to have any evidence related to these rights violations omitted from the trial. If there is not enough evidence on your behalf to fight the evidence against you, we may urge you to negotiate a plea bargain. In this case, your Houston criminal attorney will not rest until you have the strongest possible plea bargain for your situation.

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