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When under investigation for a crime, many people do not think of the consequences of perjury. Perjury is the act of lying or intentionally giving false information under oath. It is a misdemeanor crime here in the city of Houston, one that the Houston Criminal Lawyer can help you fight if you contact our office today.

Under the Texas State Penal Code, there are thirteen types of perjury and other falsification charges including:

Our Houston Criminal Lawyer Has Extensive Experience

At our law office of the Houston Criminal Lawyer, we aggressively represent clients who have been charged with or are under investigation for white collar crimes such as perjury. With our years of experience we can successfully and effectively fight your case in a court of law. Houston white collar crime attorney Tad Nelson handles cases in Houston, Texas and various other surrounding communities. Contact our office today for a FREE no obligation consultation with an experienced Houston criminal lawyer.