Houston Computer Crime Attorney

Computer crimes are one of the top areas investigated by the FBI. Millions of phishing scam emails are sent out daily. Viruses, illegal file downloads and child pornography are circling the internet every minute, in every country. While technology has made our society progress faster and become more educated, it has also enabled criminals to perpetrate crimes faster and more anonymously.

Our Houston Criminal Lawyer Can Help You with the Following:

Because the net is so complex, it lives up to its name, entangling victims, criminals and innocent bystanders together. All too often, completely innocent people are accused of cyber crimes committed by someone else on the same internet connection. To make things worse, many law enforcement officers are not educated on privacy rights involving personal computers and use illegal search and seizure to gather evidence.

As a Houston computer crime attorney, we understand the intricacies involved in defending computer crime cases. He understands how computer searches should be performed in order for the evidence to hold up in court. He knows crimes of this nature often point to innocent people with unsecured internet connections.

If you have been charged with a computer crime, contact the Law Office of A Houston Criminal Defender. Only a lawyer for computer crimes in Houston, TX that is experienced in this complex field of law can adequately represent you in a computer crime case. Call today for your free initial consultation.